Netter's Abbreviation/Acronym Glossary

AAMOF as a matter of fact
AFAIC as far as I'm concerned
AFAICT as far as I can tell
AFAIK as far as I know
AFK away from keyboard
AISI as I see it
AIUI as I understand it
AKA also known as
ANFSCD And now for something completely different...
ASAP as soon as possible
ATLA another three letter acronym
AWGTHTGTATA Are we going to have to go through all this again?
AWGTHTGTTA Are we going to have to go through this again?
AYOR at your own risc
BAK back at keyboard
BBL be back later
BCNU be seeing you
BF boyfriend
BFN bye for now
BOT back on topic
BRB be right back
BSF but seriously folks
BST but seriously though
BTAIM be that as it may
BTDT been there done that
BTHOM Beats the hell outta me!
BTSOOM Beats the shit out of me!
BTW by the way
BTWBO Be there with bells on.
COTFLGOHAHA Crawling on the floor laughing guts out and having a heart attack.
CUA commonly used acronym
CUL See you later.
CUL8R See you later.
CWYL Chat with you later.
CYA Cover your ass.
D&C Duck and cover.
DILLIGAD Do I look like I give a darn?!
DILLIGAF Do I look like I give a fuck!
DNPM darn near pissed myself
DUCWIC Do you see what I see?
DWISNWID Do what I say not what I do.
DYHWIH Do you hear what I hear?
DYJHIW Don't You just hate it when...
E2EG ear to ear grin
EOD end of discussion
EOF end of file
ESAD Eat shit and die!
ESAL Eat shit and live!
ETLA extended three letter acronym
FAFWOA for a friend without access
(Blush-blush really dumb question coming up) FIFO first in first Out
FITB Fill in the blank.
FOAD Fuck off and die.
FOAF friend of a friend
FOAFOAG father of a friend of a girlfriend
FOAG father of a girlfriend
FOC free of charge
FTASB faster than a speeding bullet
FTL faster than light
FU fucked up
FUBAR fucked up beyond all recognition
FUBB fouled up beyond belief
FUD (spreading) fear, uncertainty, and disinformation
FWIW for what it's worth
FYA for Your amusement
FYE for Your entertainment
FYI for your information
GA go ahead
GAFIA get away from it all
GAL get a life
GF girlfriend
GFAK go fly a kite
GGN gotta go now
GIGO garbage in, garbage out
GIWIST Gee, I wish I'd said that.
GR&D grinning, running & ducking
GTFOOMF Get the fuck out of my face.
HAK hugs and kisses
HOMPR Hang on, mobile phone's ringing.
HTH hope this helps
HWS(PEST) husband wants sex (please excuse slow typing)
IAC in any case
IAE in any event
IANAL I am not a lawyer (also IANAxxx, such as IANACPA)
IANALBIPOOTV I am not a lawyer, but I play one on TV
IARTPFWTSIOWIM I am repeating this parrot-fashion with out the slightest idea of what it means.
IBC inadequate, but cute
IBTD I beg to differ.
IDGAD I don't give a damn.
IDGAS I don't give a shit.
IIRC If I recall correctly
IITYWIMWYBMAD If I tell you what it means will you buy me a drink?
IITYWTMWYKM If I tell you what this means will you kiss me?
IIWM if it were me (mine)
ILIWTPCT I love it when the plan comes together
ILSHIBAMF I laughed so hard I broke all my furniture!
ILSHIBATF I laughed so hard I broke all the furniture.
IMBO in my biased opinion
IMCAO in my completely arrogant opinion (Use for attracting flames!)
IMCO in my considered opinion
IME in My experience
IMHO in my humble opinion
IMNSHO in my not so humble opinion
IMO in my opinion
INPO in no particular order
IOW in other words
ISTM it seems to me
ISTR I seem to recall
IYSWIM If You see what I mean.
JAM Just a minute.
KISS keep it simple, stupid
LIFO last in first out
LLTA Lots and lots of thunderous applause!
LMFAO Laughing my fucking ass off.
LOL lots of luck or laughing out loud
LTIP laughing till I puke
MFG more friendly garbage
MFTL my favorite toy language
MHOTY my hat's off to you
MMIF my mouth is full
MTFBWY May the force be with you!
MYOB Mind your own business!
NALOPKT Not a lot of people know that.
NBD no big deal
NFI no friggin' idea
NFW no fucking way
NIMBY not in my back yard
NRN no reply necessary
NTL nevertheless
NTTAWWT not that there's anything wrong with that
OAO over and out
OATUS on a totally unrelated subject
OAUS on an unrelated subject
OBTW oh, by the way
OIC Oh, I see!
ONNA Oh no, not again!
ONNTA Oh no, not this again!
OOTB out of the box (brand new)
OOTC obligatory on-topic comment
OTC Over the counter
OTOH on the other hand
OTOOH on the other other hand
OTT over the top
OTTH on the third hand
OTTOMH off the top of my head
OTTOMHAROOB off the top of my head and rolling out of bounds
OTW on the whole
OWTTE or words to that effect
PD public domain
PITA pain in the ass
PMFJI pardon me for jumping in
PMIGBOM Put mind in gear, before opening mouth!
PMYMHMMFSWGAD Pardon me, you must have mistaken me for some one who gives a damn
POV point of view
RAEBNC Read and enjoyed, but no comment.
ROTBA reality on the blink again
ROTFFNAR roll(ing) on the floor for no apparent reason
ROTFL roll(ing) on the floor laughing (also, ROFL)
ROTFLAHMS ... and holding my sides
ROTFLASTC ... and scaring the cat
ROTFLBTC ... biting the carpet
ROTFLBTCUTS ...... unable to stop
ROTFLGO ... guts out
ROTFLMAO ... my ass off
ROTFLOL ... out loud
ROTFLOLVH ... out loud very hard
ROTFTPOF ... trying to put out flames
ROTFLSTC ... scaring the cat
RSN real soon now (which may be a long time coming)
RTFAQ read the FAQ
RTFI read the fucking instructions
RTFM read the fucking manual
RTFMS Read the fucking manual, sir! (from the military)
RUOK Are You OK?
SBCN Sitting behind the computer naked.
SCNR Sorry, couldn`t resist.
SHM Shit happens, mate.
SICS sitting in chair snickering
SIMCA sitting in my chair amused (for something not quite as funny as to deserve ROTFL)
SITD still in the dark
SMOP small matter of programming
SNAFU situation normal, all fucked up
SNR signal to noise ratio
SO significant other
SOI stunk on ice
TANJ there ain't no justice
TANSTAAFL there ain't no such thing as a free lunch
TARFU things are really fouled up
TGAL think globally, act locally
TIA thanks in advance
TIC tongue in cheek
TINALO this is not a legal opinion
TINAR this is not a recommendation
TINWIS that is not what I said
TLA three-letter acronym (such as this)
TNOTVS theres nothing on TV so,....
TNX thanks
TPS(S) this program sucks (severely)
TPTB the powers that be
TRDMC tears running down my cheeks
TSOHF total sense of humor failure
TTBOMK to the best of my knowledge
TTFN ta ta for now
TTYL talk to you later
TTYRS talk to you real soon
TUFD the user file died
TVM thanks very much
TYCLO Turn your CAPS LOCK off. (Quit shouting.)
TYVM thank you very much
UBD user brain damage
UTC under the counter
UTT under the table
VETLA very enhanced TLA
VR virtual reality
WAB? What another bill?
WAG wild ass guess
WDYMBT What do you mean by that?
WGAS Who gives a shit?
WIBAMU Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle.
WIBNI would it be nice if
WMMOWS Wash my mouth out with soap!
WNOHGB where no one has gone before
WRT with regard to
WT without thinking
WTF what the fuck
WTFDYTYA Who the fuck do you think you are?
WTFWT What the fuck was that?
WTH what the hell
WTTM without thinking too much
WWS wife wants sex
WYLABOCTGWTR Would you like a bowl of cream to go with that remark?
WYLASOMWTC Would you like a saucer of milk with that comment?
WYTYSYDG What you thought you saw, you didn't get.
YAOTM yet another off-topic message
YHGASP You have got a serious problem
YMMV Your mileage may vary
YSS You suck severely
YWSYLS You win some, you lose some